Smith Street 
Baptist Church
Loving God. Loving People. Making Disciples.
Frequently Asked Questions  

Is your church affiliated with any denomination?

Yes. Even though we are an independent congregation we do affiliate with the Southern Baptist Convention for the purposes of cooperation in missions, education, and disaster relief among other things. 

Is your worship contemporary or traditional?

Currently, one might consider our services to be blended. Smith Street Baptist Church uses the Baptist Hymnal for most hymns and a worship team sings 2-3 contemporary songs each Sunday morning. We do not currently have Sunday night services.

What does it mean to be “Baptist”?

At Smith Street our desire is to proclaim and practice the Historic Baptist faith which is characterized by a firm adherence to Scripture absolute inerrancy and authority. The most important question for a Baptist is not if its “Baptist” but if its “Biblical.” We are a people of the Book. For a more in depth look at the Baptist faith, check out What We Believe.

Does the church have a dress code?

No. We do not require any certain attire. However, we do ask that clothing be modest and in good taste. This means that clothing should not be too revealing or draw attention to one’s self, thereby causing a distraction from the worship of God. 

How can I become a member of Smith Street Baptist Church?

The membership of this church consists of those who have given a credible profession of faith in Christ Jesus as Lord. Any person who professes repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ, who has been baptized, and who expresses substantial agreement with the doctrines, covenant, and government of this church, are eligible for membership. Please visit Next Steps for more information.

Do you have children’s church? 

We provide childcare for ages 0 - 4 and a Children's Church class setting that is appropriate for grades  K - 5.  We do not have separate services for all of our 6th Grade (and up) students and encourage them to attended Sunday morning services with their families.

What services do you have for children and youth?

With the exception of Sunday morning services (see above question), we offer specialized children and youth services on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.  The times coincide with our adult services, but are tailored for the learning and social development of Children and Teenagers, promoting a Biblical world view.