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Baptist Church
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 Sunday School

Sunday School classes are subject to change. Please contact the church for the latest information.

Sunday School:  9:45am - 10:45am

Class Name: ACTS Class

Teacher: David Barrett

Location: Conference Room (Bldg 3)

Demographic: Open to all Adults (i.e. married, single, younger, elder)

Class Name: S.A.L.T.

Teacher: Belinda Griffee

Location: Sanctuary Classroom A (Bldg 1)

Demographic: Adult Women

Class Name: Young Adult Men

Teacher: Mark Butler

Location: Sanctuary Classroom B (Bldg 1)

Demographic: Adult Men

Class Name: TEL

Teacher: Edward Johnson

Location: Sanctuary Classroom C (Bldg 1)

Demographic: Senior Adult Women

Class Name: Alby Gay Sunday School Class

Teacher: JD Collins

Location: Sanctuary Classroom D (Bldg 1)

Demographic: Senior Adult Men

Class Name: 4Twelve

Teacher: Matthew Griffee/Jessica Davis

Location: Youth Building (Bldg 2)

Demographic: Open to all students 6th - 12th

Class Name: DiscipleTown

Teachers: Trey Cranford/Jay Cranford

Location: Children's Wing (Bldg 3, Classroom A)

Demographic: Open to all students K-5th

Class Name: Main Street Nursery

Teachers: Various (on rotation)

Location: Children's Wing (Bldg 3, Classroom C)

Demographic: Open to all children 0 yo - Pre-K

Class Name: Berean

Teacher: Pastor Chester Proctor

Location: Conference Room (Bldg 3)

Demographic: Open to all ages 16 and up

Note: This class meets at 2pm on Sundays

Prayer Circles

Prayer Circles are groups of around 4-6 people who meet regularly at various locations and various times to have fellowship and prayer.  If you are interested in starting a group, please contact Pastor Chester at the church (537-8661). If you are interested in attending one of the groups listed, you do not necessarily have to contact the host, however, you may want to in case times/locations have changed.  Additionally, if you do not have their contact information, contact the church and we will get you connected.

Host: Majorie Albritton

Location: Her Home

Demographic: Usually Senior Women, but everyone is welcome.

Time/Day: Thursdays at 4pm

Host: Jessica Boaen

Location: Church Conference Room (Bldg 3)

Demographic: Women

Time/Day: Wednesdays at 8pm

Host: David Barrett

Location: His Home

Demographic: Men

Time/Day: Thursdays at 6am

Host: Chester Proctor, Pastor

Location: Chick-Fil-A of Vidalia

Demographic: Anyone

Time/Day: Mondays at 12pm